Cost-Effective Measurement Solutions and Designed for the Most Demanding Applications and Critical Industries

There is significant performance and quality differences between manufacturers of automobiles, computers, and yes, gas analyzers and monitors too. Having served the industrial marketplace for over 25 years, the products manufactured by Alpha Omega Instruments continue to pass the test of time in terms of performance and reliability. 

We have decades of product knowledge and application experience to guide customers quickly and efficiently through the product selection process.  Our quality products fit a variety of mission critical applications for safety monitoring and process monitoring.

Our process analyzers, both trace and percent oxygen analyzers and transmitters, and oxygen deficiency safety monitors are used globally in commercial, government, and educational institutions.

Safety Monitoring

Measure Oxygen Deficiency & Dangerous Atmospheric Hazards

Process Monitoring

Measure Oxygen Accurately in Critical Processes

Engineered by Analyzer Experts Delivering Maximum Value and Optimum Performance


  • Minimize analysis complexity
  • Maximize measurement efficiency
  • Increased reliability and accuracy
  • Drive safety across business, personnel and the environment


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