Series 2000 Microprocessor Based Percent Oxygen Analyzer

Series 2000 Microprocessor Based Percent Oxygen Analyzer with up to 3 measuring ranges. Input power is universal AC (90-264VAC), 50-60Hz. The Series 2000 features a long-life electrochemical sensor. Other features include three oxygen alarms with relays, two analog outputs (4-20 mADC and 0-2 VDC), and instrument diagnostics. The analyzer enclosure and electronics are configured for bench-top or portable use and comes equipped with a carrying handle.

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The Series 2000 Percent Oxygen Analyzer is a microprocessor-controlled instrument that can be supplied with oxygen measuring ranges from 0-1% to 0-100%. Single and three range instruments are available. Auto-ranging is a standard feature on all three range analyzers. The Series 2000 Percent Oxygen Analyzer is powered from 115/230 VAC, 50-60Hz, or 18- 32 VDC with optional battery backup available for certain models. Oxygen values are displayed continuously on an easy-to-read, 0.4″ (10.2 mm) high, 4-1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD). The instrument can be purchased in a variety of general purpose mechanical configurations ranging from a benchtop, wall mount or panel mount configuration. The gas inlet and outlet connections on the sensor housing are quick connect types.  One-quarter inch stainless steel compression fittings are available upon request at no additional charge.

The Series 2000 Percent Oxygen Analyzer features an extended life oxygen sensor with EES (enhanced electrolyte system). This sensor provides exceptional performance, accuracy, and stability. For applications where carbon dioxide is present in the sample gas, the EES retards passivation of the sensor anode by allowing the products of oxidation to dissolve in the electrolyte. In effect, the sensor is renewed continuously, resulting in an increase in sensor life even if exposed to 100%  carbon dioxide. In addition, the enhanced mechanical design of the sensor ensures longer life, and virtually eliminates leakage of electrolyte, a nagging (and expensive) problem associated with sensors that require periodic electrolyte maintenance.

The eloquence of the Series 2000 Percent Oxygen Analyzer is its ease of use. The front panel contains five switches that provide access to the instrument’s settings. Each analyzer is equipped with three oxygen alarm relays and one status alarm relay as standard equipment. All four relays are Form C (SPDT) types rated at 10 amps at 115/230 VAC and 30 VDC. Each relay is user configurable for fail-safe operation. In addition to the alarm relays, the analyzer is equipped with a built-in audible alarm, as well as three front panel LEDs for visual indication of an alarm condition.

The Series 2000 Percent Oxygen Analyzer comes equipped with two analog outputs, 4-20 mADC and 0-2 VDC, for use with recorders, data loggers, etc.

For enhanced communications, the Series 2000 Percent Oxygen Analyzer can be configured with optional RS-232C or optional RS-485 serial communications. The the RS-485 format is capable of sending digital signals over greater distances, and controlling each monitor using the same communication channel.

Depending on the application, the Series 2000 can be equipped with a number of options including; sample filters, sample pumps, pressure regulators, serial communications, flow meters, etc.


Extended Life Oxygen Sensor with EES

Ensures trouble-free and cost-effective operation with a useful life of up to four years.

Acid Gas Resistant Sensor

Save thousands of dollars versus other manufacturer

Numerous Mechanical Configurations

NEMA 1 General purpose enclosure suitable available in a benchtop, wall mount or panel mount configuration.

Single and Three Range Options

Measure tenths of percent to 100%

Visual and Audible Alarms Included along with two analog recorder outputs.

Ensures the highest level of protection and reliability.

Factory Calibration

Factory calibration included at no additional charge. Upon request, NIST calibration certificates available.


  • Measurement Ranges (Percent Oxygen) Single Range 0-100 0-25 Three Range 0-10/25/100 0-5/10/25 0-1/10/25
  • Accuracy¹: ±1% of full scale (± 5% on the 0-1% range)
    • ¹Stated at constant temperature and constant pressure
  • Linearity: ±1%
  • Response Time: 90% of full scale response in less than 20 seconds (typical)
  • Sensor Type: Ambient Temperature Electrochemical Sensor with EES
  • Temperature Compensation: Standard
  • Pressure Compensation: Standard
  • Operating Temperature: 40° to 104° F (5° to 40°C) <40°F (<5°C) use heated sensor enclosure >104°F (>40°C) cooling of sensor required
  • Warranty: 2years electronics/1 years sensor


  • Display: 0.4″ (10.2 mm) high, 4-1/2digit LCD
  • Resolution: 0.1 %
  • Input power is universal AC (90-264VAC), 50-60Hz – battery backup available as an option for some models
  • Outputs: 4-20 mADC and 0-2 VDC standard as is a TTL output for range identification. RS-232C or RS-485 serial communication optional.
  • Oxygen Alarm Relays: Three (3) SPDT Form C contacts rated 10A @ 30 VDC/115/230 VAC. User selectable for fail-safe or non fail-safe.
  • Instrument Status Alarm: Rated identically to the O2 relays
  • Audible Alarm: Internal buzzer with audible cancel


  • Flow Rate: 1.0 to 2.0 SCFH (0.5 to 1.0 liter/min)
  • Sample Gas Temperature: 40° to 104° F (5° to 40°C)
  • Sample Gas Pressure Limits: 0.1 to 1.5 psig (0.007 to 0.1 kg/cm2).
  • Entrained Solids: <3 mg/ft³: no in-line filter required >3 mg/ft³: in-line filter is required
  • Hydrocarbon Mist: <0.7 mg/ft³: no in-line filter required >0.7 mg/ft³: in-line filter is required


  • Electronics Control Unit: Polycarbonate with a hinged clear front cover
    • ²other mechanical configurations available-consult factory
  • Gas Connections: Quick connect for 1/4” OD flex tubing or optional 1/4” stainless steel compression fittings
  • Sensor Mounting: Local or optional remote mounting
  • Dimensions: Length: 9.45 in (240.5 mm), Width: 6.50 in. (165.1 mm), Depth: 6.20 in. (157.5 mm)
  • Weight: 11lbs (4.98 kg) (Bench-top Configuration.)


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 14 in


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