Oxygen & CO2 Monitor Series 9600

Oxygen & Carbon Monoxide Monitor Series 9600

AOI SERIES-9600-Oxygen-and-Carbon-Dioxide-AnalyzerDesigned to provide continuous, unattended monitoring of both oxygen and carbon dioxide simultaneously. The analyzer provides an accurate and repeatable measurement of both in a variety of gas streams.

The oxygen sensor is an ambient temperature electrochemical sensor that uses a weak acid electrolyte in place of potassium hydroxide. The enhanced electrolyte system retards passivation of the sensor anode by allowing the products of oxidation to dissolve in the electrolyte. In effect, the sensor is renewed continuously resulting in a significant increase in sensor life. In addition, the enhanced mechanical design virtually eliminates leakage of electrolyte.

The carbon dioxide sensor features non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology to determine the carbon dioxide concentrations in gases. Infrared gas sensors, which are comprised of solid state devices, do not chemically react with the gas. The sensor incorporates closed-loop control for enhanced long-term calibration stability. The control signal is generated by means of an optical referencing element that monitors source intensity. This methodology, coupled with a novel source homogenizing gas-sampling chamber, yields a system with greatly improved tolerance to changes in the infrared source outputs.

The Series 9600 is powered from a universal power supply equipped to accept 90-264 VAC, 47-63Hz. The analyzer is housed in a NEMA 1 equivalent enclosure rated for general purpose indoor use. Oxygen and carbon dioxide values are displayed on a 4 line by 20 character liquid crystal display. The instrument is equipped with two user-configurable alarm relays, a built-in audible alarm, and two front panel LEDs for visual indication of an alarm condition. A flow meter is mounted on the front panel of the instrument and is standard equipment for the analyzer.

    • 2-year electronics and sensors warranty

    Series 9600 Applications:

    • Food processing
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Chemical/Petrochemical
    • R&D
    • Laboratory growth chambers
    • Glove box/Dry box
    • Incubators




    • 0-100% measurement range
    • ±1% of full scale accuracy
    • 90% of full scale in <20 seconds response time
    • 40 to 100°F (5 to 38°C) ambient temperature range

    Carbon Dioxide

    • 0-20%, 0-100%, or 0-5,000 ppm measurement range
    • 0.1% or ±5% of reading percent accuracy
    • ±30 ppm or ±2% of reading trace accuracy
    • <35 secs to 63% of step change response time
    • 40 to 100°F (5 to 38°C) ambient temperature range

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